I profoundly thank our Lord Jesus, who paid a great price with His life to provide us with the salvation and grace that we all enjoy in His name.


I'm sure that God has sent The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Grace Assembly Parish to this city of Sheffield with a unique mission and purpose to liberate His people from the lies of the enemy; with the Truth of His Word by His grace.


If anyone has a desire to reach the ultimate fulfilment of his Christian life, then, it is that one God has sent us to.


To build a people that are FREE to aspire to the utmost good that God offers through Jesus Christ.


1. To design and apply the best and practical ways to teach and demonstrate to people, the good and various blessings that God has provided for all.


2. To assist them in gaining full access to these blessings for their lives.


Our Vision is


1. To create a harmonious and enabling environment for all races to worship God with joy and total freedom.


2. To expound the knowledge and understanding of God's Grace and mercy to the people until everyone is living a graceful life and in total freedom from all oppression of the devil.


3. To build in the people through the word of God, a desire for success and progress in all areas of their lives; spiritually, materially and financially.


4. To search out the hidden potentials inside of the people and to inspire them through the wisdom of God to live up to their maximum capacity for God.


5. To impact our neighbourhood and city with Love, genuine care, good works and with the good news of Jesus Christ.


6. To declare the full gospel of Jesus Christ, the righteousness that is in Christ Jesus, holiness and good conducts and the blessings of God with signs and wonders following.


The goals to achieving these visions are to develop multiple teaching programs, inductions and workshops designed to educate, motivate and inspire in people, good habits that leads to spiritual, social and financial growth.


1. We have designed programs for the young ones and teenagers, termed "THE NEXT NEHEMIAH" for character developments and leadership training using Biblical principles as well as good Bible characters as models for our young ones.


2. Understanding that women's active involvement is a catalyst to church growth and stability, we have also developed a regular women intercessory prayer program, titled; "IF ONLY WOMEN CAN PRAY". In addition, we have a regular social program for women called; "SISTER'S ACT OF LOVE" where the role of a woman and how to be a good woman nd good wife are taught.


3. There is a regular program for men titled, "MAN KNOW THYSELF". It deals with men's responsibility and duties to God, their wives, families and the society in general as well as the benefits of being responsible.


4. We have a program designed to give people financial education and inspiration to aspire for financial independence and prosperity. It is titled; "GO FOR SUCCESS LUNCHEON"


5. Included also are church weekly programs. These are: Weekly Bible Studies, Weekly Prayer Meetings, Weekly Leardership & Workers-in-Training Program, Workers' Teachers Rehearsal and Choir Rehearsal.


6. We are open to God's leading in obedience to whatever way He directs us to lead His church.


- Pastor & Pastor Mrs. Ifeanyi & Chizy Chukwujama

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The Redeemed Christian Church Of God, Grace Assembly, Sheffield

Shiregreen Community Centre

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S5 0RN

Tel: +44 7424251550+44 7424251550

E-mail: office@graceassemblysheffield.org


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Are you in Sheffield or its environ? Why not join us this week for our Bible Study on Friday by 6:00pm as well as Sunday for our worship service by 10:00am. Our Church address is listed above.


Is the Lord laying something in your heart concerning our church or do you want to support us in any way, please contact the Pastor-in-charge on: 07424251550 or send an email to info@graceassemblysheffield.org

God bless you.

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